Personal loans can be applied easily and you will receive the amount of the loan in a very short period. Here in this topic, we will give you MORE INFO about personal loans. So, let’s get started.

Six different types of personal loans.

There are many reasons for a person to apply for a personal loan. We are going to provide more info about the six basic personal loans that people generally borrow from lenders they are discussed below:

Personal Loan required for improving Home.

A Home always needs something to renovate, or you need to buy some new furniture for your home. In this regard when you are short of money then you can borrow a personal loan. It’s a good idea as you can slowly pay the amount.

Personal Loan to meet wedding expenditures.

A grand wedding needs lots of money. People will expend many dollars to make one’s marriage successful. Therefore, you are planning a wedding and don’t want to exhaust your savings then you can pay for personal loans.

Personal Loan for Travelling.

You can also cover your expenses for travel expenses applying for personal loans. You will find it is one of the most convenient options for you.


Suppose you want to start a business and you lack the capital. Here also personal loans help you to borrow money and invest it in your business. Hence it helps in growing your business.

Top Up loan.

A top-up loan is a strategy equipped bythe bank for their customers based on the home loan .With the help of this loan you canborrow money from a bank over your recent balance. The rate of interest of this type of loan is generally higher than home loans.

Balance Transferloan.

Balance transfer is another type of personal loan. The main purpose of balance transfer loan is to low your interest burden. As the name indicate Balance transfer the purpose is of this loan is same. This type of loan is used to transfer the entire amount of a personal loan from a one particular bank to the other. In these case the other bank lower down the rate of interest. Hence with this you can save your money.

Benefits of emi calculator

When you are applying fora loan. The first thing that comesto your mind is EMI. It is very crucial as you need to clear your EMI every month. You can only decide the amount of loan you want to take if there is no problem in paying your EMI. Therefore an EMI calculator for a personal loan can help you with this. The results that you get from the EMI calculator are given below:

You can pay and calculate your Monthly Repayments.

  • You can calculate the sum of the rate of interest on a loan that you need to give to the lenders.
  • Also, you can calculate how to pay the total amount included with the principle and rate of interest together.

Final words.

We have provided you with more info about personal loans discussing their types and the use of the EMI Calculator. We hope this article is helpful to you.